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Altogether 167 gifts were received by #Artcrossers in 2011!

1102-02C From ChaoticSkye to Donielle-Dee. Started 25/2/2011, received 15/3/2011.
1102-03C From IskaDesign to AztecTemplar. Started 28/2/2011, received 20/3/2011.
1102-04C From Pepper-Dragon to BeautyInFlesh. Started 28/2/2011, received 25/3/2011.
1103-06C From jjosryo to CelestinaGrey. Started 16/3/2011, received 28/3/2011.
1103-08C From Pepper-Dragon to sodacrush. Started 16/3/2011, received 31/3/2011.
1103-04C From Elsje0032 to feyke. Started 15/3/2011, received 31/3/2011.
1103-04C From the-carolyn-michelle to Miss-Alita. Started 10/3/2011, received 4/4/2011.
1103-07C From nikkittie to therichnobody. Started 16/3/2011, received 5/4/2011.
1104-03M From were-were-wolfy to Elsje0032. Started 1/4/2011, received 8/4/2011.
1103-02C From EnemyOfGravity to Usagi-Are-chan. Started 15/3/2011, received 9/4/2011.
1104-02M From darknight-sky to Pepper-Dragon. Started 1/4/2011, received 9/4/2011.
1103-09C From somnomollior to mle-anne. Started 17/3/2011, received 11/4/2011.
1103-05C From DizzyBunnies to Kitsune-Genetica. Started 16/3/2011, received 13/4/2011.
1104-11C From Strejfer to vericone. Started 11/4/2011, received 20/4/2011.
1103-12M From ilenai to Pepper-Dragon. Started 28/3/2011, received 23/4/2011.
1103-14C From Anjet to Malant10. Started 28/3/2011, received 23/4/2011.
1104-08M From Pepper-Dragon to nikkittie. Started 9/4/2011, received 27/4/2011.
1104-15M From darknight-sky to Strejfer. Started 20/4/2011, received 1/5/2011.
1104-18M From Searaph to Pepper-Dragon. Started 27/4/2011, received 10/5/2011.
1104-07C From Elsje0032 to VampiricBunny. Started 9/4/2011, received 12/5/2011.
1104-09M From ChaoticSkye to were-were-wolfy. Started 9/4/2011, received 13/5/2011.
1103-10M From MariaKoch to IskaDesign. Started 21/3/2011, received 13/5/2011.
1103-16C From jjosryo to DanNeamu. Started 29/3/2011, received 17/5/2011.
1104-12M From art-of-amie to EnemyOfGravity. Started 11/5/2011, received 17/5/2011.
1103-17C From Dragons-Triforce to vespera. Started 29/3/2011, received 18/5/2011.
1105-11C From Pepper-Dragon to BadgersBakery. Started 15/5/2011, received 24/5/2011.
1105-08W From KikoJaharo to Pepper-Dragon. Started 15/5/2011, received 24/5/2011.
1104-04C From EmMakesStuff to Daywish. Started 4/4/2011, received 24/5/2011.
1104-01C From art-of-amie to fairyfrog. Started 1/4/2011, received 26/5/2011.
1104-16M From jjosryo to ilenai. Started 25/4/2011, received 26/5/2011.
1105-06M From Itti to were-were-wolfy. Started15/5/2011, received 26/5/2011.
1105-05M From Pepper-Dragon to ChaoticSkye. Started 13/5/2011, received 27/5/2011.
1105-07W From Searaph to ChaoticSkye. Started 15/5/2011, received 27/5/2011.
1105-17W From ForgottenFortune to IskaDesign. Started 22/5/2011, received 29/5/2011.
1104-14M From Captain-McWhitey to somnomollior. Started 19/4/2011, received 30/5/2011.
1103-03M From Acqua-Lucia to ChaoticSkye. Started 15/3/2011, received 30/5/2011.
1105-09M From Dragons-Triforce to MariaKoch. Started 15/5/2011, received 31/5/2011.
1105-12M From darknight-sky to jjosryo. Started 19/5/2011, received 31/5/2011.
1104-13M From Itti to DizzyBunnies. Started 16/4/2011, received 31/5/2011.
1103-15C From IskaDesign to tilenti. Started 28/3/2011, received 5/6/2011.
1105-13C From Pepper-Dragon to Talty. Started 19/5/2011, received 6/6/2011.
1105-21M From KikoJaharo to EmMakesStuff. Started 28/5/2011, received 6/6/2011.
1105-01M From the-carolyn-michelle to darknight-sky. Started 3/5/2011, received 6/6/2011.
1105-26M From Pepper-Dragon to Itti. Started 31/5/2011, received 9/6/2011.
1105-18M From darknight-sky to KikoJaharo. Started 27/5/2011, received 10/6/2011.
1105-19M From art-of-amie to jjosryo. Started 27/5/2011, received 11/6/2011.
1106-08M From ForgottenFortune to Pepper-Dragon. Started 6/6/2011, received 12/6/2011.
1105-28M From Searaph to Acqua-Lucia. Started 31/5/2011, received 14/6/2011.
1106-06M From Rayvenstar to darknight-sky. Started 6/6/2011, received 16/6/2011.
1106-09M From somnomollior to KikoJaharo. Started 6/6/2011, received 16/6/2011.
1105-27M From art-of-amie to ForgottenFortune. Started 31/5/2011, received 19/6/2011.
1105-20M From jjosryo to Pepper-Dragon. Started 27/5/2011, received 20/6/2011.
1106-04M From ChaoticSkye to Pepper-Dragon. Started 6/6/2011, received 20/6/2011.
1104-17M From EnemyOfGravity to Anjet. Started 27/4/2011, received 22/6/2011.
1102-01C From Zorias to crystalwaterfall. Started 25/2/2011, received 23/6/2011.
1105-22M From SkyeTrinity to art-of-amie. Started 31/5/2011, received 28/6/2011.
1105-25M From Elsje0032 to Dragons-Triforce. Started 31/5/2011, received 1/7/2011.
1106-26W From were-were-wolfy to EnemyOfGravity. Started 20/6/2011, received 2/7/2011.
1106-22W From 3greendogs to jjosryo. Started 20/6/2011, received 3/7/2011.
1104-06M From Mallenroh001 to the-carolyn-michelle. Started 9/4/2011, received 4/7/2011.
1106-11M From darknight-sky to art-of-amie. Started 14/6/2011, received 7/7/2011.
1106-05M From Nerds-and-Corsets to art-of-amie. Started 6/6/2011, received 9/7/2011.
1106-31M From KikoJaharo to Elsje0032. Started 26/6/2011, received 9/7/2011.
1106-17M From KitWolfren to ChaoticSkye. Started 20/6/2011, received 11/7/2011.
1106-25M From art-of-amie to Itti. Started 20/6/2011, received 11/7/2011.
1105-03W From Anjet to darknight-sky. Started 11/5/2011, received 13/7/2011.
1105-02M From Elsje0032 to Searaph. Started 10/5/2011, received 14/7/2011.
1107-04M From KikoJaharo to darknight-sky. Started 4/7/2011, received 14/7/2011.
1106-27C From art-of-amie to Willowmourn. Started 23/6/2011, received 15/7/2011.
1106-16C From jjosryo to PinkStripedMellon. Started 20/6/2011, received 18/7/2011.
1106-33M From Mixan-is-a-monkey to SkyeTrinity. Started 28/6/2011, received 18/7/2011.
1105-14M From art-of-amie to Dragons-Triforce. Started 19/5/2011, received 20/7/2011.
1106-19M From Mixan-is-a-monkey to somnomollior. Started 20/6/2011, received 21/7/2011.
1107-01C From ChaoticSkye to Shadoritos. Started 4/7/2011, received 23/7/2011.
1106-13M From KikoJaharo to Searaph. Started 14/6/2011, received 23/7/2011.
1106-10M From oasiaris to the-carolyn-michelle. Started 14/6/2011, received 25/7/2011.
1106-14C From MykeyFinn to SilverInkblot. Started 14/6/2011, received 26/7/2011.
1106-28M From DaystarEclipse to EnemyOfGravity. Started 23/6/2011, received 27/7/2011.
1107-16M From bschackow to KitWolfren. Started 13/7/2011, received 28/7/2011.
1107-19M From KikoJaharo to Anjet. Started 15/7/2011, received 28/7/2011.
1106-12M From Maleijn to ForgottenFortune. Started 14/6/2011, received 29/7/2011.
1107-09M From DaystarEclipse to KikoJaharo. Started 10/7/2011, received 30/7/2011.
1107-15C From KitWolfren to Galistar07water. Started 13/7/2011, received 30/7/2011.
1106-32C From EnemyOfGravity to Kyyraneth. Started 28/6/2011, received 31/7/2011.
1106-30M From SomeShyGirl to art-of-amie. Started 26/6/2011, received 1/8/2011.
1106-24W From fairychamber to Itti. Started 20/6/2011, received 2/8/2011.
1107-23M From art-of-amie to Mixan-is-a-monkey. Started 26/6/2011, received 5/8/2011.
1107-20M From art-of-amie to Elsje0032. Started 15/7/2011, received 12/8/2011.
1107-22M From Pepper-Dragon to jjosryo. Started 19/7/2011, received 14/8/2011.
1106-21W From QueenofNightmares to darknight-sky. Started 20/6/2011, received 17/8/2011.
1107-21M From ChaoticSkye to KikoJaharo. Started 19/7/2011, received 17/8/2011.
1108-09M From GuardianOfTheFlame to darknight-sky. Started 15/8/2011, received 22/8/2011.
1108-04M From SilverInkblot to DaystarEclipse. Started 13/8/2011, received 23/8/2011.
1106-29M From katieshmatie to Zorias. Started 26/6/2011, received 23/8/2011.
1108-05M From KikoJaharo to bschackow. Started 13/8/2011, received 26/8/2011.
1107-12W From Meggs-xx to Rayvenstar. Started 10/7/2011, received 31/8/2011.
1106-15C From IskaDesign to LDGA. Started 15/6/2011, received August 2011.
1108-11M From art-of-amie to fairychamber. Started 15/8/2011, received 1/9/2011.
1108-10M From darknight-sky to DaystarEclipse. Started 15/8/2011, received 2/9/2011.
1107-03C From darknight-sky to guimero64. Started 4/7/2011, received 6/9/2011.
1108-13C From Searaph to celinaclraw. Started 9/8/2011, received 9/9/2011.
1107-10W From Itti to jjosryo. Started 10/7/2011, received 9/9/2011.
1108-12M From art-of-amie to KitWolfren. Started 18/8/2011, received 10/9/2011.
1109-03M From bschackow to SomeShyGirl. Started 3/9/2011, received 12/9/2011.
1108-03M From jjosryo to ChaoticSkye. Started 13/8/2011, received 18/9/2011.
1108-07M From Maleijn to jjosryo. Started 15/8/2011, received 18/9/2011.
1109-13M From somnomollior to KikoJaharo. Started 10/9/2011, received 20/9/2011.
1108-01M From 3greendogs to art-of-amie. Started 13/8/2011, received 21/9/2011.
1109-13M From Naaatsu to art-of-amie. Started 15/8/2011, received 21/9/2011.
1105-23C From Itti to MaryBunnie. Started 31/5/2011, received 1/9/2011.
1109-20M From BrainStew80 to jjosryo. Started 13/9/2011, received 25/9/2011.
1109-17M From Dilletant1 to Itti. Started 11/9/2011, received 26/9/2011.
1109-09M From ChaoticSkye to darknight-sky. Started 8/9/2011, received 2/10/2011.
1109-12M From Itti to Maleijn. Started 10/9/2011, received 3/10/2011.
1109-11M From ChaoticSkye to art-of-amie. Started 8/9/2011, received 5/10/2011.
1109-14M From ilenai to jjosryo. Started 10/9/2011, received 5/10/2011.
1109-10M From Searaph to katieshmatie. Started 8/9/2011, received 11/10/2011.
1107-08M From SkyeTrinity to Nerds-and-Corsets. Started 10/7/2011, received 12/10/2011.
1109-04M From DaystarEclipse to art-of-amie. Started 3/9/2011, received 12/10/2011.
1107-07M From Starleaf-Creations to darknight-sky. Started 8/7/2011, received 15/10/2011.
1109-22M From dittin03 to 3greendogs. Started 24/9/2011, received 16/10/2011.
1108-06M From HiddenRelevance to KikoJaharo. Started 13/8/2011, received 17/10/2011.
1109-01M From art-of-amie to MykeyFinn. Started 5/9/2011, received 20/10/2011.
1109-05M From art-of-amie to Pepper-Dragon. Started 3/9/2011, received 23/10/2011.
1110-02M From Maleijn to Itti. Started 2/10/2011, received 24/10/2011.
1109-21M From SironaSelkie to Maleijn. Started 19/9/2011, received 25/10/2011.
1109-07M From QueenofNightmares to oasiaris. Started 5/9/2011, received 25/10/2011.
1109-19M From arathcanjustdie to bschackow. Started 13/9/2011, received 27/10/2011.
1110-07M From ChaoticSkye to BrainStew80. Started 9/10/2011, received 27/10/2011.
1110-14W From Itti to 3greendogs. Started 15/10/2011, received 28/10/2011.
1110-09M From Anjet to Dilletant1. Started 9/10/2011, received 29/10/2011.
1109-27C From jjosryo to 9meangirl. Started 26/9/2011, received 31/10/2011.
1110-12M From Akai-Miko to Searaph. Started 12/10/2011, received 3/11/2011.
1107-05M From Elsje0032 to Mallenroh001. Started 4/7/2011, received 5/11/2011.
1110-06M From Clockwork-Condor to Searaph. Started 9/10/2011, received 8/11/2011.
1109-25W From Fioryairish to KikoJaharo. Started 24/9/2011, received 8/11/2011.
1110-03W From Itti to art-of-amie. Started 3/10/2011, received 9/11/2011.
1110-15C From ChaoticSkye to KitAlda. Started 30/10/2011, received 15/11/2011.
1111-01M From ChaoticSkye to Maleijn. Started 1/11/2011, received 16/11/2011.
1111-04M From ChaoticSkye to somnomollior. Started 1/11/2011, received 17/11/2011.
1111-09M From Sophizo to jjosryo. Started 10/11/2011, received 18/11/2011.
1109-26W From PunkTrunk to Zorias. Started 24/9/2011, received 16/11/2011.
1110-10M From Dragons-Triforce to ChaoticSkye. Started 12/10/2011, received 22/11/2011.
1110-05M From panda-odono to darknight-sky. Started 9/10/2011, received 22/11/2011.
1111-06M From carebears4eva to Searaph. Started 7/11/2011, received 23/11/2011.
1110-04M From Mockingbirds-nest to ChaoticSkye. Started 9/10/2011, received 23/11/2011.
1108-15M From GuardianOfTheFlame to SilverInkblot. Started 24/8/2011, arrived 27/11/2011.
1111-10M From Itti to dittin03. Started 10/11/2011, arrived 28/11/2011.
1109-23M From SomeShyGirl to Naaatsu. Started 24/9/2011, arrived 29/11/2011.
1110-13C From art-of-amie to Desiree-U. Started 12/10/2011, arrived 1/12/2011.
1111-15A From HiddenRelevance to Itti. Started 12/11/2011, arrived 2/12/2011.
1111-11A From art-of-amie to QueenofNightmares. Started 11/11/2011, arrived 3/12/2011.
1111-24M From carebears4eva to KikoJaharo. Started 23/11/2011, arrived 6/12/2011.
1111-18A From ChaoticSkye to Clockwork-Condor. Started 20/11/2011, arrived 7/12/2011.
1111-05M From oywiththeplushies to Starleaf-Creations. Started 7/11/2011, arrived 10/12/2011.
1111-13A From art-of-amie to ChaoticSkye. Started 12/11/2011, arrived 14/12/2011.
1112-02M From dittin03 to Pepper-Dragon. Started 2/12/2011, arrived 18/12/2011.
1111-26A From art-of-amie to Rayvenstar. Started 25/11/2011, arrived 18/12/2011.
1111-17A From ChaoticSkye to Fioryairish. Started 20/11/2011, arrived 19/12/2011.
1112-08A From Nerds-and-Corsets to Akai-Miko. Started 11/12/2011, arrived 19/12/2011.
1111-07M From Maleijn to ChaoticSkye. Started 10/11/2011, arrived 20/12/2011.
1112-07M From Kohote-chan to ChaoticSkye. Started 11/12/2011, arrived 20/12/2011.
1112-06M From Zhiah to Itti. Started 11/12/2011, arrived 21/12/2011.
1111-22W From bschackow to KitWolfren. Started 22/11/2011, arrived 21/12/2011.
1111-12A From jjosryo to IskaDesign. Started 12/11/2011, arrived 21/12/2011.
1112-09M From KikoJaharo to Sophizo. Started 11/12/2011, arrived 31/12/2011.
1109-06M From SomeShyGirl to Mixan-is-a-monkey. Started 5/9/2011, marked as arrived on 31/12/2011 as Mixan has gone AWOL so we have no way of knowing.

Started means the date that the gift information was given to the artist.
Received means the date that the recipient received the gift in the mail, or, if we do not have that information, the date that it was registered. (The same date in most cases.)
N.B. The dates are in European, not American format. In other words, 2/3/2011 is the 2nd March, not the 3rd February.

How to send gifts
How to receive gifts
All kinds of other questions answered
If you are one of the senders above and there's no link to your gift, see the final paragraph of this blog for how to add your gift to the gallery.
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Pepper-Dragon Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow! Look at all of those :D Such a successful group!
Itti Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
oasiaris Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, about that link... I didn't submit a picture of my gift, but I have made one, but it's back in Holland and I won't be there 'till july next year. So that doesn't really work out for me... Is it mandatory to submit a picture of your work?
Itti Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
No, it's not compulsory. It's encouraged because other people like to see what you've made, and (for obvious reasons) only the ones that there are pictures of can be entered into the monthly contest, but if you forget or can't submit a picture for whatever reason then it's not a big deal. :hug:
oasiaris Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, that's what I thought. Thanks! :huggle:
oasiaris Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I mean I made a picture, by the way. The gift I made is in the hands of it's receiver now.
mossthewolf Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
when do we get a note telling us to draw a gift for someone?
Itti Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You won't get a profile until you ask for one, so that we know you have the time to dedicate to making a gift.

See how to send a gift for what to do. (If you need the link in the future, it's linked in the big box on the main #Artcrossing page.)
ChaoticSkye Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
you need to send a note to the group saying 'send art'. This lets Itti know that you have the time make the gift and can afford to mail it off.
CheekyStoat Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
So wicked. <3 I can't wait to get started!
DizzyBunnies Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Are we supposed to tell you when we send our gifts? Cause I sent mine =u=
Itti Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
These are for gifts that have been registered as received by the recipient. When your person lets me know they've got it, I'll send you a note and also add your gift to this blog :D
DizzyBunnies Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, okay, thanks! C:
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